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“Corporate” Design Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

August 2nd, 2011

You may hear many creative types express that they feel working on “corporate” projects is boring, limiting and stuffy. However, the more restrictive a project’s guidelines, the greater the challenge to turn out some great work. Let’s face it. Anyone can make sports, cars and video games look cool in print or on the web.

But, the real test of a firm’s creative capabilities is the ability to make more mundane subject matter engaging to the target audience. Presentation plays a crucial role in forming the impression your piece has on a viewer and color, placement, size and texture can all influence them to take a closer look.


Google +1 Button Competes with Facebook Like, Surpasses Twitter Buttons

July 12th, 2011

While it was only released a short time ago, the Google +1 button has already made its presence known on the social web. The +1 button which – much like share buttons offered by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – allows signed-in Google users to share an article, blog post, web site or other +1-enabled web site content with friends.

One drawback at present is that Google Apps professional users are not currently able to share content using the +1 button because use of a Google profile is required to share using the button. Google Profiles are not currently available for Google Apps’ pro users. Boo! However, there is word from Google that this functionality will be forthcoming, so fear not, +1 is near. We are, ourselves, Google Apps users, so we’re looking forward to being able to test out +1 on a more extensive professional level.

Naturally, the primary appeal of the +1 button is its integration with Google’s search results. If many connections of a signed-in Google user have shared a particular piece of content using Google +1, that content will show up with personal annotations from that user’s friends, which may boost the likelihood the user will view that content as well. After all, information or products recommended by a friend are more likely to get a second look than random results from companies you’ve never heard of.


How to Generate Free PR for Your Business

July 12th, 2011

A little free press can go a long way in helping get the word out about your business. Networking in Vancouver has a great article on their web site that is a summary of a presentation given by a PR expert that helps break down the process of getting free publicity for your company into three easy steps:

  1. Know Your Angle
  2. Know Your Target
  3. Pick Up the Phone

Be sure to visit the Networking in Vancouver to read the full article and check out more great content and business networking opportunities.

Mis-Steps with Mailing List Management

June 28th, 2011

If you’re anything like us, your e-mail in-box can get pretty full, pretty quickly. Just when you think you’ve tamed the torrent of incoming messages, you open your mailbox to see it full once again. At times, it can seem like a never-ending battle of wills.

Over the past week, we decided to take determined action to reduce our volume of e-mail, a lot of which consisted of newsletters and mailing lists we signed up for over the years. While a lot of the lists still provide interesting content, the fact of the matter is that many times, the messages would simply be deleted without opening them. So, why keep receiving them only to have to take the time to send them to the trash folder?

One way to manage the clutter of a business e-mail box is to create a separate e-mail account specifically for subscriptions to newsletters and signing up for accounts on various sites. We decided to do this as one part of a two-pronged approach for the accounts we wanted to keep and the newsletters we wanted to continue to receive – all while keeping those messages separate from more important business-related correspondence. The other step would simply be to unsubscribe from the lists we weren’t reading any longer. Sensible (and easy) enough, or so you would think…


QR Codes Give Smart Phone Users Quick Access to Information

June 1st, 2011

BOOST Design + Marketing Facebook Page QR CodeYou may have seen these strange-looking boxes popping up more and more in magazines, and newspapers, web sites, business cards, signs and retail store displays. They are called QR codes, which stands for “Quick Response”.

While they may seem like a new invention, QR codes have actually been around since 1994, primarily used in Asia and Japan, where they were invented.

QR codes allow a smart phone user to scan the code with an app installed on their phone – Red Laser is our app of choice – and be given an option to view a specified URL or save contact information embedded in the code. This frees the user from having to manually type in a web site address or contact information, which makes them more likely to view the information embedded in the code.

Another part of the QR code’s allure is the mystery of what’s behind the code. Will it be a video, photo, web site or someone’s contact information? Scan the code to find out!


Innergy Corporate Yoga’s Facebook Fan Page Gets a BOOST

June 1st, 2011

We’ve worked with Innergy Corporate Yoga for a number of years, having helped them coin their new company name several years back and developing their new logo, corporate identity and web site.

Innergy has built an impressive following on Facebook and Twitter and wanted to extend their Facebook presence to a more versatile marketing tool than the standard Fan page.

Custom Facebook page design for Innergy Corporate Yoga in Vancouver, BC


Twitter Adds New “Follow on Twitter” Button

May 31st, 2011

For a long while, web site owners have had many social network buttons to add to their sites in hopes of encouraging more engagement from their visitors.

Facebook has the “Like” button and more recently the “Send” button. LinkedIn has the “Share” button. TweetMeme buttons with tweet counts have been all over the place for a while. So, why has it taken Twitter so long to get the hint and make something similar for their own users?

Follow on Twitter Button


BOOST Designs New Logo for

April 30th, 2011

Logo design and corporate identity / branding projects have always been some of our favorite types of work to take on. There’s something about distilling a concept down to its bare essence and being able to represent that visually that is exciting and challenging.

We were approached by a new financial education blog,, to design a logo to represent their site. The site is intended to help the average person gain knowledge about money and financial matters so they can make better choices and build a solid financial future. financial education blog logo design - Vancouver, BC

Our approach to the logo was to use a visual concept that was familiar in a mainstream way, while at the same time being approachable and fun. In other words, we wanted to avoid stuffy at all costs.

The final logo depicts a piggy bank-style icon with the site name set in all lowercase type. The result is a fun, memorable logo that gets the concept across quickly and effectively.

Facebook Adds New Share Button Social Plug-In

April 29th, 2011

For a while now, Facebook’s “Like” – or “Recommend” as seen on some sites – button has been popping up on more and more web sites. The purpose of the Like button is to allow you to easily share content that you like, publicly, with your friends on Facebook.

If you are logged into Facebook – whether or not you currently have the site open in a browser, thanks to cookies – when you click the Like button, on a blog post, article or web site page you visit, an item will appear in the News Feed of your Facebook profile, letting your friends know that you’ve recommended the site, along with a link to the item.

New Facebook Share Button - How It Works and Differs from the Like Button


Convert Your Company’s Facebook “Profile” Into a Business Page

March 31st, 2011

In the days when Facebook pages were static, mostly-useless afterthoughts, many users would opt to set up a “profile” for their company (ie: First Name: BOOST Last Name: Social Media) in an effort to create a more interactive way for the company to communicate with its fans which, in the case of a profile versus a business/fan page, would be the company’s “friends”. With a profile you can “like” other company pages, comment on posts by individuals or companies, and connect with other users as “friends”.

In the case of the original business page, you were relegated to commenting as an individual user – the administrator of the page – rather than as the company itself. With the most recent update to Facebook pages, you can use Facebook as a “page”, rather than as your individual profile. You can comment, share articles, and post Wall updates with the identity of your page, rather than as an individual. As a result, this makes the need to create a “profile” for a company unnecessary.


New Facebook Pages Offer More Opportunities to Interact as Your Brand

March 16th, 2011

These days, everyone and their dog (sometimes, literally) has a Facebook fan page. But, the majority of those who do have one are still not doing it well. In that regard, it’s like web sites in general. People think having something is better than nothing and most of the time, we’ll tend to agree.  However, there are a lot of examples of design-gone-wrong that leaves one thinking it would have been better for a company to sit the game out, rather than throw a completely unprofessional web site out there, for all the world to see.

But, we digress…and, thankfully, Facebook maintains pretty strict control over the layout of their site, unlike the eyesore that is (was?) MySpace profile pages. Egads!

Recently, Facebook updated the layout and functionality of their business pages (aka fan pages), opening the door for more consistent interaction between a company and its fans as well as other companies. With the new version of the Facebook page, you can opt to use Facebook as a page of which you are a designated administrator. While logged in as the page, you can “like” other company pages, respond to comments left on your business page and make posts, all as your company versus an individual administrator.


BOOST Designs Custom Facebook Fan Page for NALH

February 28th, 2011

We’ve worked with NALH Bookkeeping Services for a number of years, beginning with the re-design of their corporate identity in 2003. Wow, has it really been that long? :)

NALH has been a great client to work with because of their desire to stay on the edge of emerging marketing trends and take advantage of new media and tools, while their competitors remain spectators on the sidelines. We’ve managed NALH’s social media campaigns for over a year and a half, resulting in a significant increase in traffic to their web site and better awareness of their company on popular social media sites.

NALH Bookkeeping Services Custom Facebook Fan Page Design, Vancouver, BC

Our most recent project for NALH was to re-design their Facebook fan page. We had long ago set up their page and integrated their blog posts and Twitter stream with the fan page, but we wanted to do something with more pizazz, so we set about designing a custom layout and graphics for their fan page which would help promote their presence on other social media sites like Plaxo, LinkedIn and Twitter. The new graphics help grab attention and invite people to interact with the page.

Is Facebook a Big “Deal” for Your Business?

February 4th, 2011

Facebook has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the Internet. And, for businesses who use social media to market themselves, Facebook is often a big focus in those efforts.

Everyone knows that people like a good deal (and freebies, especially!), so why not incorporate one into your social marketing efforts? Facebook is now offering their Deals to businesses with Facebook Places pages. It could be something as small as a free cup of coffee, a reusable shopping bag or something more extravagant. Get creative!

Find out more about how you can offer a special incentive to people who visit and “check in” at your place of business by watching the walkthrough video on Facebook.

The Danger of Social Media Fearmongering

November 2nd, 2010

We were forwarded an article written by RealPageMaker – a company that specializes in templated web sites for real estate agents  -  about why “social media experts are so dangerous”. Naturally, this piqued some interest from our team. Dangerous? The sub-headline goes on to say “What you don’t know about them could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars!”  Anyone else smell some hyperbole here?

In a nutshell, the article basically says that social media “experts” are full of it because social media is new and venturing into the social arena will cost you thousands of hard-earned dollars for little return. And, with a haphazard, un-targeted approach without goals and a plan to achieve them, that might very well be the case. But, it’s hardly fair to insinuate that anyone who is involved with social media marketing is a con artist which is, more or less, the gist of the message delivered in the article.

The irony? RealPageMaker has an extensive blog which is regularly updated and also a Twitter account which receives regular attention. Obviously, they see SOME value in participating in social media themselves. Are they the ONLY experts who aren’t dangerous?


Design Edge Canada Features Article About BOOST Launch

August 13th, 2010

We’re excited to note that Design Edge Canada, one of Canada’s most well-read graphic design magazines, has featured an article on their web site about the launch of BOOST Social Media in the Vancouver and Burnaby, BC area.

Design Edge Canada is known for having its finger on the pulse of the Canadian design community, so we’re grateful to make the cut to grace their virtual pages.

To read the full article, visit the Design Edge Canada web site.

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