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Add Your Site to 17 Free Business Directories

September 13th, 2011

We’ve compiled a list of business directory web sites on which you can list your business on for free. The benefit of adding a listing to sites like this is that it increases your SEO by giving your site better link “popularity” – a key element that Google takes into account when determining rankings for particular keywords.

A lot of the sites we’ve included are relevant to Canadian or Vancouver-based businesses, but you can easily find sites specific to your area by doing a Google search for terms like “free business directory” and the name of your city.


Innergy Corporate Yoga’s Facebook Fan Page Gets a BOOST

June 1st, 2011

We’ve worked with Innergy Corporate Yoga for a number of years, having helped them coin their new company name several years back and developing their new logo, corporate identity and web site.

Innergy has built an impressive following on Facebook and Twitter and wanted to extend their Facebook presence to a more versatile marketing tool than the standard Fan page.

Custom Facebook page design for Innergy Corporate Yoga in Vancouver, BC


BOOST Designs New Logo for

April 30th, 2011

Logo design and corporate identity / branding projects have always been some of our favorite types of work to take on. There’s something about distilling a concept down to its bare essence and being able to represent that visually that is exciting and challenging.

We were approached by a new financial education blog,, to design a logo to represent their site. The site is intended to help the average person gain knowledge about money and financial matters so they can make better choices and build a solid financial future. financial education blog logo design - Vancouver, BC

Our approach to the logo was to use a visual concept that was familiar in a mainstream way, while at the same time being approachable and fun. In other words, we wanted to avoid stuffy at all costs.

The final logo depicts a piggy bank-style icon with the site name set in all lowercase type. The result is a fun, memorable logo that gets the concept across quickly and effectively.

Facebook Adds New Share Button Social Plug-In

April 29th, 2011

For a while now, Facebook’s “Like” – or “Recommend” as seen on some sites – button has been popping up on more and more web sites. The purpose of the Like button is to allow you to easily share content that you like, publicly, with your friends on Facebook.

If you are logged into Facebook – whether or not you currently have the site open in a browser, thanks to cookies – when you click the Like button, on a blog post, article or web site page you visit, an item will appear in the News Feed of your Facebook profile, letting your friends know that you’ve recommended the site, along with a link to the item.

New Facebook Share Button - How It Works and Differs from the Like Button


BOOST Designs Custom Facebook Fan Page for NALH

February 28th, 2011

We’ve worked with NALH Bookkeeping Services for a number of years, beginning with the re-design of their corporate identity in 2003. Wow, has it really been that long? :)

NALH has been a great client to work with because of their desire to stay on the edge of emerging marketing trends and take advantage of new media and tools, while their competitors remain spectators on the sidelines. We’ve managed NALH’s social media campaigns for over a year and a half, resulting in a significant increase in traffic to their web site and better awareness of their company on popular social media sites.

NALH Bookkeeping Services Custom Facebook Fan Page Design, Vancouver, BC

Our most recent project for NALH was to re-design their Facebook fan page. We had long ago set up their page and integrated their blog posts and Twitter stream with the fan page, but we wanted to do something with more pizazz, so we set about designing a custom layout and graphics for their fan page which would help promote their presence on other social media sites like Plaxo, LinkedIn and Twitter. The new graphics help grab attention and invite people to interact with the page.

Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

August 11th, 2010

Begin with the end in mind.
What do you hope to achieve with social media marketing? Increase traffic to your web site? That’s a given. But, what do you want people to do once they get there? Contact your company for more information? Subscribe to a free newsletter? Register for a webinar or workshop? Be specific and tailor your efforts to support those goals.

Looking for “love” in all the right places.
Each social media site and platform has a different demographic, so make sure you’re speaking to the right audience. Figure out which sites make most sense for your business based on age, lifestyle, income, interests, type of business you’re promoting, etc. MySpace has a younger audience, LinkedIn subscribers are often higher-income earners, Twitter’s user base is generally more net-savvy and Facebook a mix of everyone.

Honest to blog.
Having a blog on your site can be a great tool for boosting search engine rankings. It’s also effective at establishing you as an expert in your field and showing that you have a good handle on what’s going on in your industry and the local business community. Not all blog content has to be original writing. Share articles or web sites that your audience may find interesting and insert some comments on what you liked about those resources.

The operative word in social media is “social”.
Be prepared to engage your audience in a two-way dialogue. It’s a conversation, not a broadcast. Constantly tooting your own horn or selling aggressively will result in your audience tuning out your message or, worse, un-following you.


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