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BOOST Social Media - Privacy Policy - Facebook and Twitter Strategy and Marketing in Vancouver / Burnaby, BC

We are firmly committed to privacy on the Web generally, and to the individual privacy of visitors to our website. We have created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate this commitment and to keeping you informed of our policies.

The three areas of privacy and information collection that website users are generally concerned about are (1) information you voluntarily provide, (2) information automatically collected by our servers through the use of the site and (3) the use of “cookies”.

Our policy on these issues is outlined for you below.

Any changes in our privacy policy will be found on this page. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your privacy on our website, please re-visit this page or contact us.


Contact Form

Our contact form requires only your name and e-mail address, which is necessary to enable us to respond to your questions and/or comments. Other information on the form is optional. The information you provide in the form is used only for this purpose, and it is not shared with anyone outside of


IP Address

An “IP address” is a unique Internet ID, which is standard and routinely associated with each connection to the Internet. These are not usually associated with personal information about the individual visitor to a website.

In order to monitor activity levels on our site, and for general security purposes and to aid us in identifying possible credit card misuse, our servers automatically record the IP addresses of website visitors. This information is generally only available to our staff and website hosting administrators, and is not otherwise shared with third parties.

If requested and necessary, and with proper authorizations, we may share this information with the financial institution that issued the credit card with which an order was placed, the shipping company or with proper law enforcement authorities.

Cookies or Visitor ID

A “Cookie” is a piece of information that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. Some cookies are temporary and remain on your computer only as long as your session at that website or as long as your browser is open. Other cookies remain on your hard disk, but take up very little space, and are used to identify and offer personalized service to repeat visitors.

When you visit our site, we assign you a unique visitor ID, which will be stored onto your computer in the form of a cookie.  If you prefer not to be assigned a visitor ID and have this stored as a cookie, you can disable cookie support in your browser.

Questions or Assistance

Again, any changes in our privacy policy will be found on this page. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your privacy on our website, please re-visit this page or contact us.

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